Robi Voigt

Video Art | Installations | Stage & Lighting Design | Film


A cube filled with fog, a dancer, motion-tracking technology and live generated video projections and sounds.

STATE:LUCID combines installative and performative elements using very sophisticated technology to create a holistic, immersive and poetic experience.

The dream as a nebulous form of consciousness permeates space.
The space as an autonomously acting machine.
The machine determines the physics of the dream.
A dancer as heartbeat.

STATE:LUCID makes a dream visible as an immersive spatial installation.

The dancer influences the dream universe through her movement. Sometitimes in curious exploration of the limits of the machine, sometimes in playful symbiosis, sometimes in nightmarish contrast, but always connected. It is the fascination of the dream and its own logic that everyone can understand and yet in this installation, by the use of motion-tracking and video projections and sounds generated live from it, it appears in a completely new way. In a kind of a feedback, the dancer interacts with software, which in turn shapes the real world. There is no distinction between virtual and real, both can only exist together here and bring this installation to life.

Video projection into fog and additional layers such as half-silver mirror slides and 3D sound interpret the dream aesthetic into the spatial, layer above layer. Things seem unclear, intangible and yet are so real. The dancer can disappear completely in the fog. If she is no longer visible to the audience, her presence (due to the effect of her movements) will continue to be shine and shape. The physical body of the performer experiences an expansion into space, which is perceived by the spectators as an immediate reality.

The situation can swing from the beautiful to the threatening or vice versa at any time without continuity. In a dream, anything is possible – except dying. STATE:LUCID manages to take the spectator into this fascinating, meditative world and at the same time make the innovative use of technology behind it invisible. A bridge between – at first glance – cold, emotionless digital technology and the immersive poetics of a dream. Authorship is shared with the spectators, the installation creates the atmosphere, the emotionally stimulating. One could also call it digital cloud-gazing.

The premiere of state:lucid took place on November 1st, 2020, with further performances on the following two days, in cooperation with the Swiss Digital Days (Nov. 1st – Nov. 3rd).

a Project by Robi Voigt

Robi Voigt – concept, installation, staging, video
Mira Studer – dance, choreography
Stella Speziali – interaction design
Friederike Helmes – costumes, lighting, collaboration installation
David Eliah Bangerter – composition, sound
Stefanie Olbort – dance, choreography
Line Eberhard – the eye from outside

Technical Support – Martin Fröhlich, Tobias Baumann, Eric Larrieux, Viktoras Zemeckas, Hans-Jürg Hofman, Matthias Röhm, Lukas Keller, Thomas Utzinger, Michel Weber, Lucien Sadkowski, Dominik Fedier

2020, Immersive Arts Space / Zurich University of the Arts

STATE:LUCID 8min. Edit

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