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Coming to Zentralwäscherei Zürich, June 3rd – June 13th 2023

„QUANTUM DREAMS – In the subconscious of an artificial intelligence“.

Dreaming together and digital cloud gazing in cooperation with two AIs.

Opening is on 03. June from 5pm -12pm in the Zentralwäscherei Zurich, Neue Hard 12, 8005 Zurich.

From 04. – 13. June, the installation will then be open daily from 12-11pm.

„Quantum Dreams“ is a spatial media installation that allows visitors to sensually experience and influence the subconscious of an artificial intelligence. A machine dream whose creativity and visuality combines with the human imagination. An invitation of shared dreaming and digital cloud gazing.

In the room there is a large, walk-in cuboid whose walls are covered with video projections. A touch screen in the centre serves as a human-machine interface. Interpretations of the visual phenomena intersperse between meditative sound.

Our team trained machine learning models with data from a digital archive of a Swiss painter (> 8’500 documents) and adapted them for our purposes. Image generation serves as the basis for visual landscapes. A second AI interprets these images acoustically. The focus is on the process and the story it tells, not the result. The visitor connects to the machine’s imagination.

The generated loop between AI-Human-Imagination will create an audiovisual and spatial experience whose philosophical and emotional content speaks directly to the subconscious.

The installation raises questions right at the intersection of human/technology/art collaboration and its meaning for society, and how sensual digitality can be, thus contributing to the current discourse.

CONTACT: INSTA: @quantumdreams.robivoigt


Robi Voigt

Tobias Wursthorn

Laura Mahlstein

Sophie Stierle

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